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The JRSET College of Law aims to prepare the students for the real world of practicing Law. It also aims to prepare the students to be competent and principled legal professional and leaders of this century in the field of advocacy, judiciary, legal consultancy, corporate law, management, law teaching etc. I want to say a few words about this institute. JRSET College of Law has a nice campus of 10 acres of land with all sophisticated modern technologies to impart teaching to the students of education programmer. The college is committed relationship between legal education and society. The central elements the distinctive visions JRSET College of Law are :-

⦁ We are trying to create a democratic culture in the college with active students so that they can mature and grow only in an environment that supports collective thinking and teats role in shaping the academic ethics of the college.

⦁ We are also trying to focus on comprehensive and in depth learning about the legal concept and doctrines, the substantive and procedural law and judicial ruling and precedents in several of law-traditional as well as emerging.

⦁ It is prime task to install sense of social, intellectual and professional responsibilities to this college.

⦁ We seek to sensitize the students for social,  justice to the disadvantaged section of our society.

Our faculty consists of people who are to teaching and for legal research and also innovative in nature. We have number of experienced and advocates with us will be our guest faculty as well as advisors.

I wish you all the best and also wish you a prosperous time to come you.