The JRSET College of Law strives to offer holistic legal education in order to prepare its graduates for the diverse worlds of litigation, law and corporate firms and law teaching. It seeks to equip students with the knowledge, skill and values to promote the ends of justice through the instrument of law.

JRSET students will be exceptionally trained in the theory and practice of law. They will win Laurels the world over in the fields of mooting and debating. The internship system that will be implemented in such a manner so that each student will experience the real world of law by interning with the law firms, companies, senior advocates NGOs etc.

We have an excellent faculty with a good balance of experience and young faculty members. We invite you to join our journey toward creating and sustaining a centre of excellence for legal education.

We wish you all the best and we are confident that you will find your association with JRSET College of Law professionally and personally rewarding.


Board of Management

JRSET College of Law


  • Advance and disseminate learning and knowledge of Law legal processes.
  • Promote knowledge in legal education and make Law and legal an efficient instrument of social development.
  • Develop the sense of responsibility among the students to serve society in the fields of law by developing skills in regards to advocacy, Legal service, Law reforms and the like.
  • Promote inter-disciplined study of law in relation management technology, international co- operation and development.

From the Desk

The JRSET College of Law aims to prepare the students for the real world of practicing Law. It also aims to prepare the students to be competent and principled legal professional and leaders of this century in the field of advocacy, judiciary, legal consultancy, corporate law, management, ...